Investor/Land Owner Opportunity

It is an established fact that you have excellent returns on property investment in Goa. This is particularly true for premium developments like ours where our investors have earned exceptional appreciation over the years. Due to the very high returns on investment and also the touristic value that Goa offers, real estate prices continue to rise in Goa. Therefore, local investors from across the country and NRIS from around the globe keep investing here due to the lucrative nature of the market.

As the Indian economy goes into overdrive in the next 12 months, the Goan real estate market will offer investors handsome dividends that are far greater than many of their other investments elsewhere. In this buoyant market scenario, Noble House invites investors and land owners to partake in this great opportunity and leverage our expertise and past collaborative experience where we have offered great rewards for our partners. We can share relevant case studies with you so you know the numbers and the huge benefits of doing projects together.

As established niche developers in the Goan real estate market we feel confident of forging successful strategic alliances with individuals and companies that can be hugely beneficial to both parties through our partnership offerings defined below:

1) 100% Investment On Land

These are joint venture developments where the investor contributes 100% towards the land cost and Noble House develops and markets the property within a pre-defined time frame and with assured handsome percentage to the investor. This percentage amount is part of the agreement signed between the developer and investor and the project execution is usually done through a new entity set-up specifically for this venture.

2) Part Investment On Land

Investor becoming a part owner of the land and partners with Noble House in a joint venture along the lines described above.

3) Land Owner Opportunity

This is an opportunity for all land owners in Goa. As an owner you can earn significantly higher amounts (than merely selling the land) through a joint venture with a property developer. Our business development wing has an expert team that thoroughly evaluates the value of your property, conceptualizes the best possible product offering, projects the financial win-win possibilities for both parties and can make you a tangible offer on the high incremental value, significantly over and above the land cost, when your land is developed under the Noble House banner.

To be our partner in a joint development call 9822135139/ 9921821980